Welcome to The Crew72

Welcome to The Crew 72. We're a community of golfers, from around the world all here to start the thought process and promote the wonderful game we call GOLF!

Think of this as a cool resource for articles and helpful tips to make golf just a little more enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

New To Golf?

Like any other hobby, golf can be as relaxing escape. While the game went through a slight downturn in the last few years, in 2020 we saw an unprecedented growth spurt. With that, we all need to know the basics of golf. Whether you're new to the game or you just want a refresher of the basics - This is the section for you.

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Your Health and Golf

Your health is the most important aspect that you need to pay attention to in order to excel in golf or life! Here we have articles that will help you either get fit or maintain your fitness levels.

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Training Aids/Tips

If you are interested in golf training, there are a variety of training aids and gadgets to get you started. From the internet to videos and even the "classroom", there is no shortage on available lessons, tips or tricks.

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Very few things are more important to a golfer than a good golf gear. Golf from clubs, to bags to shoes to balls... They all come in different styles and varieties of colors to fit your personal style.

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Miscellaneous Golf

With so much info pertaining to all the different aspects of golf, sometimes it just makes sense to have a "Miscellaneous golf" section. So, if you haven't found what you're looking for in the other sections, you'll probably find it here. Everything from golf related careers to golf to golf courses and destinations. golf and everything in between.

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